ErikG at MAX 2003


Getting Started

I gotta hand it to Macromedia, when I first walked up to the registration booth I thought it was gonna be a horrible experience getting signed in and recieving my conference materials. There were long lines that seemed to not really be solid lines but more like a crowd facing in the same direction. But Macromedia quickly kept things moving along. And infact I was able to talk and meet people.

The bag that the materials came in this year is actually quite nice, which is the exact same thought I had last year, but this year I think that they are even better. Which is nice.

Post by ErikG at Tuesday, November 18, 2003 1:25:52 PM

Day of Knowledge

Today's MAX agenda was split into several "Pre-Conference" activities. There was certification testing, partner briefing, user group events, and for myself and several hundred others, a full day of a heavy dosage of talk on "eLearning" and "Knowledge Transfer".

The morning talks were great, and showed how you can easily use Macromedia Breeze to empower anyone that can create a Power Point presentation to basically manage their own on-line training system. This is something that I have been paid to manually develop in the past, and not only it is faster, it's way better than what I have done (by adding a very media driven experience). Then there is Macromedia Breeze Live which is for real time collaboration. These collaborative meetings can be recorded, and even resumed at a later date with all the notes, and object left within the workspace as they were last left. This would be great for on-line meetings for myself since I am in a different state than my main client.

During lunch I ran into this guy Jeff who is in the Boise Macromedia User Group. Met some more people at my table while eating. They were from Wisconsin the same as the person I met in line this morning (Wisconsin up in herre!). The afternoon classes seemed to just get boring. I don't know if it was just the same subject matter getting beat to death or what. So I took a break for about an hour and chilled in my room. I went back to finish the afternoon classes, and aside from the sneak peaks of what Macromedia is currently developing for Breeze/Breeze Live, these classes were quite the bore too.

Post by ErikG at Tuesday, November 18, 2003 11:55:52 PM

Welcome Reception and Our First Night Out

Immediately following the days events people moved into the mail halls for the Welcome Receptions. This was pretty dang weak compared to last year. Last year the location played a big part into how the even was organized, being in Florida the event was outside, had a tropical band playing music, had nice food catered, and was a pure social gathering. This year the Welcome Reception was inside and was messed together with the Exhibiter, Conference Store, Product Support Lab, CyberCafe, and the MAX Award hopefuls showcasing their sites. I don't think the catering lived up to last year. Aside from the plentiful amounts of free drinks you are given, the event seemed like it will be no different from any other time the Exhibit Hall will be open on the other nights.

Now after saying all that, the Exhibit Hall itself is much improved over last year, the walkways are large, and the room overall is just plain "roomier". And the number of computer stations in the CyberCafe seem to have grown. Last year there were bottlenecks in getting an open station, this year I think it will be much less of a problem. I also ran into another guy, Paul, from the Boise user group while here. And we met a very nice Macromedian nicknamed Little JB. I spent the majority of my time trying to find Mr. Christian Cantrell so I can try and get a free copy of DRK5, but no luck.

After having enough of the Welcome Reception we headed out to get something real to eat. I have been to SLC before, and had a friend who grew up in SLC take me to this Mexican place called the Blue Iguana. It just so happened that the Blue Iguana is only a 3 minute walk from the main lobby of the conference center (across West Temple, and South a bit). So we went there and had a very nice meal. Many people from the conference also ate there, including Little JB. All in all it was a good day... now I gotta get some sleep for tomorrow.

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Arrived in SLC

After a strenuous day of random tasks (work, shopping for some warmer clothes, running errands) I have made it to Salt Lake City for the Macromedia MAX 2003 Conference. The flight from Boise was nice and short (40 minutes in the air), and the seat next to me was empty so that was great (for a big guy like myself).

It was worked out that two of the guys I work with from my main client would arrive at the airport just 20 minutes after me. So I met them, we checked into our Hotels (mine's nicer, I got broadband access in the room and it's right next to the Conference) and met up for some dinner. The long sleeve shirt I bought today (the only casual one I own) was nice since we walked around downtown a bit.

After getting back to the room I settled in, and even started photo blogging at Community Vision (created by Christian Cantrell). Look for more photos from me there. Here is a photo from last year's DevCon in FL of one Jakob Nielsen and I.

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